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Where to get Sherlock Holmes for Kindle for free

In planning to re-read all the Sherlock Holmes books, I hoped to find a beautifully formatted, complete version at zero cost. Here are the options I uncovered.

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Does the Kindle Paperwhite have blue light?

Having a tendency to shy away from social obligations and instead read on the Kindle for hours non-stop, I wanted to learn if the Kindle has blue light.

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Which is better Kindle or Paperback? 70 factors to consider

Like many book lovers, I continue to debate this question with myself. Here’s my attempt at finding a balanced answer.

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Does reading on Kindle feel like paper? (Using the 5 senses)

I was thinking of giving away most of my paperback mini-library. But first I wanted to make sure that reading on the Kindle wasn’t too unlike reading on paper books. Here’s what I discovered.

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How to listen to Audiobooks on Kindle Paperwhite

Sometimes I just want to sit back and listen to books being read. Fortunately, the Kindle can read aloud audiobooks quite well. Here’s how.

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Can you scroll on the Kindle Paperwhite

My cousin Wilson claims he grew up reading on mobile devices (he didn't). And because of that, he prefers scrolling the screen rather than turning pages. He's baffled why the Kindle Paperwhite cannot scroll.

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Can You Print Kindle Notes

Having accumulated tons of Kindle notes throughout the years, I wanted an easy way to review them on printed paper. Here's what I found. Kindle notes can be printed by exporting them through the Kindle eReader device or the Kindle app. Another way is to print directly from the Kindle notebook webpage. More customizations are possible […]

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How Big is the Screen on a Kindle Paperwhite (with printable models)

Before deciding to go all-in on the Kindle, I wanted to double check how big is the screen compared to other devices. And is it large enough to read all my books. The Kindle Paperwhite has a 6 inch screen (15.24 cm) measured diagonally. It supports a high resolution of 1072 x 1448 pixels at […]

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Three Alternatives to Changing the Kindle Screensaver (Without Jailbreak)

My cousin Wilson wants to customize the Kindle's screensaver so he can see more graphics. But he has zero patience to attempt any kind of jailbreaking. In this post, I’ll talk about my attempts to find an alternative.

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Automatically send to kindle from Google Drive or Dropbox

My ever-reliable laziness led me to find a way to automate the transfer of files from Google Drive to the Kindle. Here's what I found.

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Ian Reyes

I am an IT nerd who loves detective and sci-fi novels. I've been using Kindles for close to 10 years. And when not solving pseudo-complicated eReader problems, I love to go hiking. I'm perpetually dreaming (and postponing) a thru-hike of the Appalachian trail, with Kindle in hand of course!