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How to send PDF files to Kindle

I have this little desire (obsession) to find ways to use the Kindle for everything that I am reading. This includes PDF and other documents. Here are the ways I found to quickly transfer files.

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Are Kindle books searchable?

While trying to find a phrase in a Kindle book, the longer the process takes, the higher my blood pressure tends to go. So I sought for various ways to search the Kindle quickly.

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How to Rotate the Kindle Screen

On the Kindle, I stumbled upon a map that is better displayed in landscape mode. Here's how I rotated the Kindle screen along with a few handy tips.

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3 Easy Ways to Copy and Paste from a Kindle

I came across a phrase on my Kindle that I wanted to keep and was pleased to discover that there are several ways you can copy text from a Kindle.

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Does Kindle Paperwhite Show Pictures?

I recently gave a Kindle to my cousin Wilson. This guy cannot be bothered to read books unless there are nice pictures in them, so I was compelled to check if the Kindle could show different types of images.

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Ian Reyes

I am an IT nerd who loves detective and sci-fi novels. I've been using Kindles for close to 10 years. And when not solving pseudo-complicated eReader problems, I love to go hiking. I'm perpetually dreaming (and postponing) a thru-hike of the Appalachian trail, with Kindle in hand of course!